Are Ergonomics Important?

Blurred vision/headaches

A computer screen that is not positioned properly or that needs the brightness and contrast adjusted can cause blurred vision from straining to see the screen. It can also result in headaches.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This condition, in which the nerve that runs from the hand to the forearm becomes pinched, can result in numbness and pain in the arm. Many people attribute one of its causes to spending hours typing or using a computer.

Neck and back strain

Sitting for prolonged periods can take its toll on the back. In addition, if your computer monitor is placed at the wrong angle, it could strain your neck. proper ergonomics can help in a number of ways with this. Making sure your chair has proper back support, wheels, and is sturdy can help ease back strain and promote good posture. Keeping the monitor at or just below eye level, as well as placing any document holders at the same level as the computer screen, can help to eliminate neck strain.


Poor posture can come from sitting at a desk all day, which can lead to slouching and back pain. This can be fixed by using a chair with proper back support. In addition, your desk should be high enough that you don’t have to slouch to reach your keyboard. It should also be high enough that your legs can fit comfortably underneath without having to move your legs around or strain awkwardly to avoid hitting parts of the desk.